What is a Green Job?

A green job is anything that makes our planet more sustainable, more clean, or more energy efficient. A green job is defined by its involvement in a green activity, or its capacity to protect or restore the environment or conserve natural resources. Green job opportunities are limitless, including, but not limited to, jobs in air quality, clean technology, energy efficiency, environmental law, green collar jobs, LEED, renewable energy, solar, water conservation, bio fuel, climate change and greenhouse gas reduction, energy storage, fair trade, green construction, sustainability, weatherization, clean energy, climate policy, energy auditor, green building, recycling, sustainable agriculture, wind power, along with education, compliance, public awareness and training focused in any of these fields.

Why Are Green Jobs Important?

The “green economy” is creating new, better, blue-collar jobs that have positive effects on the current and future environment. “Green jobs” are intended to rebuild a strong middle class, provide pathways out of poverty, require some new skill, address community needs, strengthen urban and rural communities, and protect our health and the health of our planet. Louisiana Green Corps intends to focus the positive effects of Green Jobs by providing education and training to eligible Corps Members of the Greater New Orleans Area.

Authors Jerrold Openheim and Theo MacGregor report on job creation opportunities in southeast Louisiana contending that it is clear that energy efficiency is a vital component in stimulating jobs and buffering poverty. Green jobs create economic opportunity while meeting social and environmental needs. LA Green Corps’ intent is to create green jobs as a means to fight poverty in the Greater New Orleans Area, stimulate the economy, and protect our environment.

* For a list of Green Job Resources, click here.

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